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WinterSun Grief Recovery

Your Source for Recovering from Significant Personal Loss of Any Kind

What does "Grief Recovery" feel like?  

  • The freedom to remember the one you love (human or animal) in the way you knew him or her during your life together, not only in the final period of your relationship.

  • The freedom to have fond memories of your life with him or her without having them turn painful for you.

  • The freedom to be truly open to new relationships if you’d like one, truly choosing rather acting out of desperate isolation, pain or fear.

We can't know what we haven't been taught. Most of us aren't aren't taught effective steps to process the many, many feelings we experience after significant losses. Come learn what grief really is and how you can work with it.

Whether you're dealing with a grieving child or grieving yourself, whether it's a new loss of from long ago, let me be your guide through The Grief Recovery Method® Action Program for Moving Beyond Loss.

My 8-Week Grief Recovery Classes are not drop-in support groups. The classes are clearly structured, proven step-by-step classes with with reading and homework. 

Each relationship, each loss, and each recovery is unique. Action Plan Classes include:  

  • Moving Beyond Grief and Loss (appropriate for all losses)

  • Adults Dealing With Grieving Children

  • Pet Loss 

  • Divorce and Separation

Please contact me about Free Introductory Workshops to find the best class to heal your heart and help your family and friends. 

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What is Grief?

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. Grief is the all of the feelings, sometimes conflicting and frequently changing, caused by the end of your life as you have known it. It's entering new, uncharted territory, often with the feeling loneliness and isolation.

There are many, many types of losses. Although the death of a loved person is the type of loss our society typically recognizes, other significant losses include losing:

  • Our animals

  • A person who was less than loved

  • Divorce or separation

  • Unborn children

  • Moving, retirement, loss of physical abilities or parts, losses through disasters, careers, trust

  • Anyone or anything you had a significant relationship that has now changed. It's about the relationship you lost.

Symptoms of grief include what most of us have been taught: numbness, shock,  sadness, tears and perhaps anger - but it also includes not eating or always eating; not sleeping or always sleeping; not moving or not being able to stop moving. And sometimes it is not feeling sadness and tears and anger. Sometimes it's acting as everything is normal, when something has truly changed. 

Perhaps you've learned to keep your feelings to yourself, perhaps you're careful to avoid certain subjects that trigger your expression of emotion. It's not necessary to suffer in isolation.  

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My Story

Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist®

When I signed up to become a Certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, I thought I would get a certificate that others would accept as a kind of authority. From my training as a volunteer for AIDs organizations in the '80s, hospice organizations in the '90s, and my own animal hospice in the early 2000s, I thought I knew about what could be done about grief. I had learned (and still am learning) different and amazing mind-body healing techniques, methods for being in the hear-and-now, and methods for self-exploration. I had good listening skills and read lots of books. I was confident I could help others cope. 

But what I took away from my training was a whole new way of approaching grief -

And It Seemed Natural.

This work is not theoretical. When I was in my Specialist Training, I found myself feeling fear. My chest tightened and I really wanted to slip out the door. My instructor assured the whole class that feeling hesitancy was not uncommon and that the only way through those feelings was to persevere and complete the process. Reading the book was easy, she said, but it's like reading a book on how to ride a bicycle. You can complete the book but still won't know how to ride the bike unless you actually did the steps. So I did the steps. I was stunned at the difference I felt both physically and emotionally. I felt free of a heavy burden. 

I Didn't Know What I Didn't Know.

Why WinterSun? I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania where I spent winters among the bare maple and birch trees. Snow was often deep, but the sun could shine so bright and warm that I couldn't resist its siren's call. I could feel chilled and warmed in a synchronous way - in a WinterSun way. Once out, walking on the crunchy snow through the shadows into the sparkling hay fields, I could feel nature and my place in it - my nature. Like the founders of the Grief Recovery Institute®, who brought this method of work to light, I believe we learn real truth by going inward, learning for ourselves, then sharing it with others.

I happily share the Grief Recovery Institute's mission to help the most number of people in the least amount of time.

No matter what your loss is (there are probably hundreds), the steps I teach will help you, your family and all those around you.


Support That Makes a Difference

How is The Grief Recovery Method® Different?

This may be the first time you've seen "Grief" and "Recovery" used together. We're advised to "Get Over It!", and we would do that if we knew how. Most suggestions offered are intellectual, not correct and not helpful; after all, your suffering from a broken heart, not a broken head. If we could have thought our way through grief, we would have done it.

Rather than reading theories about living and coping with grief, in a safe and respectful setting, we'll step into a new way of understanding and working with grief. Everyone's journey will be unique, but no one will take the journey bound by isolation. And your take-aways will allow you to be a great contributor to to your children, family, friends and community to boot!

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Recovery Guided Through Specific, Proven Steps

Step-by-step, you'll discover the skills to complete your relationship with those you lost. That may sound rather strange - how can you complete a relationship with someone you can't talk to? You'll learn a way. 

We begin by correcting misinformation and looking at myths about the nature of grief. This alone provides great reassurance and relief. We'll look at things people say like:

  • It just takes time; 

  • Stages of grief.

  • Just keep busy.

You'll keep your good memories.

You'll let go of pain.

You'll find true free choice in choosing if and when to have new relationships, not out of loneliness or fear.

You'll be better equipped to help children, family, friends and community.​

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Free Grief Recovery Introductory Workshops

This service is a favorite! If you come, you'll very likely hear some information that will let you know that you're neither alone or abnormal in your experience of grief. You'll very likely walk away feeling much better than when you walk in. This is not about coping, this is about Recovery!

In my Interactive Free Introductory Workshops, I get to hear a little bit about your story (if you care to share), and I get to share information about the nature of grief and how you can actually work with it to heal your heart and your life. I also get to share a little bit about what the Grief Recovery Method experience is all about. 

Applying the skills and healing your grief can yield many unexpected gifts. You may find that things suddenly align in a new way that you couldn't have predicted. And if you get slapped by an unexpected wave, as life has a way of doing to us, the skills you've developed will support you.

Mostly, people find new freedom in their life! Grief is cumulative; learn the skills now that you can use for the rest of your life and share with those you love. 

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Grief Recovery Small Group Classes

Perhaps you've tried some grief support groups and found them very helpful, but then found yourself repeating the same cycle of grief shortly after.

My small classes structure offers a similar chance to share your grief and to gain understanding into others' grief. But unlike drop-in grief support groups, you'll see the same faces throughout the 8-week class, building trust through commitments to honesty and confidentiality. And my classes follow a proven structure that supports each individual's unique journey that is supported by all members of the group.

Most students are surprised at the bonds that develop in that short amount of time. Please join us!


"The moment we lose someone we love, we must restructure our lives."

Dr. Niek Brau, The Netherlands


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